Why Sales Training Can Benefit ALL of Your Sales Team

Depending on the size of your team there will be a number of different types within your overall team, and it is highly likely that the majority of your sales team will not be made up of ‘Star Performers’ ,

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Training and development plans

So the new financial year has started for many companies, and a number of them will be finalising or implementing their training and development plans. There is always a pressure on managers to get the best return on investment from any training and this year will probably prove to be more demanding than previous years in that respect.

So this month’s article is aimed at helping you ask some questions about your planned training initiatives prior to making that all important decision.

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Forget the ‘ABC of Selling’

The role of a British sales-person isn’t to ‘sell’ in the American sense. If you want to sell to British customers (and other customers who have somehow acquired the famous British reserve), you have to do something different.

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Being prepared for a negative response.

No matter how experienced you are, no matter how much sale training you have received, no matter how confident you are and no matter how creative you are, unfortunately there will always be some occasions where you are delivered a negative response.

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Tenacity in Selling – Thirty Years On!!

It was a cold, wet and windy day in 1982 when I set out from Swansea to Staines for an interview, whilst I felt quiet positive about the interview, there seemed to be forces telling me not to go. The day before my car had developed a problem so I had borrowed on from a good friend. I left in plenty of time as I somehow knew the journey would not be a straightforward one.

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The creation of ‘DEMAND'

I have wittered on many times about how important it is to create demand or even desire for your products or services BEFORE you try to sell them, and just yesterday I saw a great demonstration of the impact this can have if you do this properly.

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The four types of ‘NO’!

Sales trainers are often asked to help sales people come up with new methods to overcome objections, in other words how to respond when a buyer says ‘No’.

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