Sales Training that Creates Demand

As the business world attempts to move on from the effects of the recession, many companies are experiencing pressure for sales people to deliver double-digit growth. In most cases this will not be an easy task.

Why is creating the desire to buy so important?
In the U.S., people enjoy being sold to, so sales training courses developed there make this the foundation from which they train. In the U.K. this is not the case; buyers want to be assisted in helping them make their preferred decision. They do not want is to be sold to! So be careful when selecting your sales training, and make sure it fits with your customers’ buying culture.

How do we deliver training that creates the desire to buy?

  • We take time to understand your company’s culture and your product/service.
  • We investigate and familiarise ourselves with your customers’ buying psyche.
  • We design a bespoke sales training programme that will allow every member of your sales team to create the desire to purchase.
  • We use our unique sales capability analytics for selling skills benchmarking, measurement and improvement management.