Training and development plans

So the new financial year has started for many companies, and a number of them will be finalising or implementing their training and development plans. There is always a pressure on managers to get the best return on investment from any training and this year will probably prove to be more demanding than previous years in that respect.

So this month’s article is aimed at helping you ask some questions about your planned training initiatives prior to making that all important decision.

1. How can you ensure the training will align the delegates’ individual needs with organisational goals?
2. Will the training be tailored to the current skills levels and the skills and competencies defined in their role profile?
3. Have the expected behaviour changes and measures of success be committed to before the training event?
4. Are you certain the training motivate the participants sufficiently to instigate the required behavioural changes?
5. Are the managers of the participants fully committed to this initiative?
6. Will the delivery of the training be participative, memorable and enjoyable?
7. Has some form of follow up coaching plan been developed and agreed?